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Invasion of The Body Snatchers (Music Distributor Version)


I actually started to write this post on the 8th of May... But held off as I was 'tamping' (as we say in Wales). Simple translation - I was fucking well pissed off. 


Well, up until recently, I had only ever 'heard' about streaming takedowns, fraudulent metric activity, etc, etc.

This sort of shite could never happen to me - I've got too far with my music on EVERY project/band I'm involved with...

Or so I thought...

Long story short - my main distributor turned out to be a complete pussy who burns the whole house down whenever they find a spider. 

A gutless twat. 

I should really name and shame - but I have been with this distributor from the very start of my online musical journey. They are not the only distributor I use - But I do consider them my main one.

This is set to fucking change - believe me!

I was scratching my head on this subject for weeks - it hadn't affected one of my more successful projects - but it had affected music I had written, appeared on, and produced.

This was enough to put me into 'kill mode'.

I was wondering how to approach this subject on this blog when I stumbled upon an interesting tweet from one of my followers on Twitter (I still refuse to call it 'X'). 

He's an excellent producer, and a great social content creator in the 'audio world'. 

I thought I'd leave it here and see what you think...

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